Is there a calendar change log?

Yet I’m just thinking of going forward to use Nextcloud as a collaborative platform. Until now we use Dokuwiki, which is just a wiki and hence we’re missing a lot of convenience when kind of ‘misusing’ it, besides the wiki, for things like discussions or shared calendars. But for all we do there we have the history to hand, it is always possible to keep track of all changes, become aware of possible change faults, ask back the regarding editors and repair those issues.

The Nextcloud calendar app would provide a huge increase compared with our half-automated calendar tables in Dokuwiki, but what I didn’t find until now: is there any possibility to have a kind of changes journal, which can be used by all involved persons to keep track of each single change of the calendar? Maybe, inclusively a kind of rollback feature?

If not, then I would have to find out if I might contribute such a feature with manageable effort…


Hey Joern,

I would be interested in a tracking solution for calendar changes as well. Did you find a solution yes?


Although the activity app logs changes to calendars, it will not be a big help for you, because only the event name is displayed in the activity app:

Maybe you could try to enhance the activity app to log more details as a starting point. I don‘t know whether that is possible though.

Sorry for the late response. So far seems as there is no solution available at the moment for my needs. But thanks for your hint to the activity app.

If I find time for that, I’ll start searching there – more details shown there would help to see if the change seems to be correct, and maybe there’s a chance to add feature to go back to the stage of a certain stage, i. e. rolling back all newer changes (and making that transparent, as well).

I’ll see.

P.S. Interesting, here in the posts is some history feature inbuilt. I’ll have to analyze this as well, maybe there’s a more common mechanism behind…