Is there a better way to handle Photo's through Nextcloud?

Hi Folks,

I’m about 6 months into ditching big teach. This has been a tough migration, but I’ve settled on Nextcloud for about 90% of my productivity. I’d really like my Photo’s to live in the cloud, but I’m not all that impressed with Nextcloud’s Gallery, or the Android Mobile app. I’m still new to Nextcloud, but, are there other ways to handle photos in Nextcloud that is more usable? For example, All I have installed is the standard Nextcloud app on my Android phone. If I select a video, I don’t see any options to share a link to that video to someone else. The web interface doesn’t seem all that feature rich either. So, I’m wondering if I’m missing something, or add-ons that makes this work better?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Can’t confirm this issue - the send / share button is shown proper on my device…?

Also feel free to just try another gallery app (like that one). Thanks to open standards you can use any WebDAV compatible viewer of your choice if you are not satisfied by the shipped app.


You’re right its not feature rich but it is free.
I use the social sharing apps on the server to share to Facebook, etc. I don’t use the twitter one.
I will normally share as a link and expire the link in 6 months to allow time for somebody to view and download if they want it.
I also use the auto-upload function to upload photos camera images daily. When I get a chance I keep the ones I want and transfer to another folder on the server. I then have PhotoPrism running in a separate docker that will auto import those images, sorting and categorising them. The final folder is mounted in Nextcloud as a local folder if I want to see them in there but they could also be used in other apps like WordPress, etc in theory for sharing.
Its a bit cumbersome, but I don’t have any issues with the way it works.

maybe you can try using plex with nextcloud, you can check this simple tutorial out

Using Plex with Nextcloud – Lev Lazinskiy

After a lot of search I have been using pigallery. It’s lightweight, not destructive and it works even on a raspberry pi. It’s not on the nextcloud ecosystem, but it’s open source, easy to install with docker and it follows the directory structure on your disk.