Is the NCP project still alive?


is the nextcloudpi project still alive? No updates since mid december 21.


We’re all busy, there is only 1 person as the volunteer main maintainer of the project and a few volunteers for testing. This is a project people are helping out with on their spare time and so it isn’t possible to be active all the time, every day.

If you want it to go faster consider helping out either with development or testing

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Hey, thank you, im sorry for my dumb question. :frowning:

sorry for my dumb question

I was curious too.

@ZendaiOwl Hi, as I noticed Your NCP Documentation Volunteer flag, I would like to ask, where could someone contribute to NCP Docs (regarding docker), I found a NCP Wiki Team telegram link, I don’t use telegram though; is there a github?

You can also join that chat from Matrix on
General chat is

@lokisilverblade Not really a dumb question, its fine :+1:

@sotero check out just’s post above :slight_smile:

The github is the nextcloudpi repo

@just @ZendaiOwl Cool, I like matrix, thanks.