Is the Alias feature dropped?

I just installed NextCloud Groupware from:
I am looking for the Alias feature (as developed here:, but I can’t find it; when composing a new e-mail I can only see the “main” e-mail of the user account. Even when adding additional e-mail adresses into the user’s profile, it won’t show a drop-down menu, nor is it possible to add new aliases. Was this feature dropped?

Open the account settings from the left sidebar in the Mail app. There you find the alias settings.


Hi Christoph, thanks, but it doesn’t show in the Account Settings, see screenshot.
I am running Nextcloud Hub 4 (26.0.0)

Found the issue: Aliases can’t be added if the E-Mail Account is configured globally via the Administrator Account as part of the E-Mail “Bereitstellungskonfiguration”. If one adds E-Mail configuration individually per user, adding alias appears.
I believe this is intentional behaviour? :wink:

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Yes, this is intentional. Provisioned accounts either get their aliases from an LDAP attribute or have no aliases.