Is Tasks app safe given that it's not tested with version 29.0.0?

I have recently completed my first manual install of Nextcloud server on Ubuntu. That being said, I have used Nextcloud SNAP for around three years, but recently as noted I switched to a manual install, with the reason being that I wanted more flexibility, control, and configurability than I got with SNAP.

Here is my question. I installed version 29.0.0 of Nextcloud, which by coincidence was just released for production on the day I installed it. However, now that it’s installed, I have realized that the Tasks app has not yet been tested on 29.0.0. I learned that today when I went to install Tasks from the web UI. There was a note that it hadn’t been tested with 29.0.0 but that I could install it untested if I wanted to do so.

I chose to install Tasks untested, because I use the Tasks app extensively. Tasks appears to work perfectly, but I’m worried about whether it could cause some instability in the future. Since Nextcloud is running on an Ubuntu VM on Truenas SCALE, I could roll it back to a snapshot to go back to before Tasks was installed if I want to do so.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this and, in particular, on whether the Tasks app is safe to run on Nextcloud 29.0.0 despite not yet being tested on it?


Thanks. That provides some helpful background information on the situation.

I hate to use an untested app, but I rely on the task app pretty heavily, as does the other user that I run this Nextcloud server for, and based on what is discussed in that link, I’m going to gamble that it’s stable enough with version 29 and leave it installed.