Is Social still alive?

As progress on Social seems to have more or less slowed down to almost zero I was wondering if the project has been abandoned. I understand that preparations for 18 demand most of the available resources right now, but maybe someone can at least give an update on the current status and future plans (if any) on the Social app. Thanks.

I also hope so:

The last commit was on October 15 or so, I would not bet on nextcloud social at this stage. At least I have moved on to another Mastodon instance…

It can’t be installed on NC 18

@Cult could you give a reaction on this? Is Social still in active development? Are there any timelines/roadmap? It also seems not fully working in nextcloud 17, i can’t find any users to follow, but may’be i do something wrong…

No, it simply still can’t be installed :frowning:
(Social 0.2.101 on Nextcloud 18.04)

that’s weird… after upgrade to version NC18 i get notification about Social, but it can’t be installed under version 18 :joy:

Because they take money for a working version of Nextcloud.

@Paradox551 is reporting that in runs under PostgreSQL.

Not true for NC18. See

It installs and runs on NC 19 RC2 with Postgresql.

Initial load is an error, reloading the page fixes that. Seems to function OK (won’t be testing extensively).

Edit: And if it’s the same MySQL bug reported on github it will likely install and run fine on NC 18 with postgresql and likely oracles mysql (not mariadb).

It seems to me it has been put in the freezer.
I tried several threads to get a reply for the webfinger problem, nothing.

To bad, this seems like a really cool feature and one that would even stick it to MS or Cisco Teams :slight_smile:

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Seems to work now with NC 19.02 and Social App 0.3.1

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I still get .well-known/webfinger isn’t properly set up! .
Cannot find anything about how this should be done correctly for it to work :frowning: No replies in other threads. Maybe it is different for an nginx setup? Are you using Apache?

Here: for only 1.900 € per year

You can try to reach the devs at IRC or via GitHub.

@Sanook Funny?

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Happy to see that social was not binned after all. Thanks devs!!! Looking forward to see what you will cook up. Nextcloud really whips the Llamas ass! :slight_smile:


I actually got the webfinger stuff to work. Even without the help of Sanook :wink:

But it no longer installs on NC 21 (Could not extract app social: Out-of-path file extraction …). And has not been updated for over 4 months, eventhough there are 31 pull requests open at the time of writing.

I think if this project can be maintained by someone else there would be progress.

As it is it should not even be in the NC app store: useless.

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They don’t provide any documentation as well

there has been activity several times every month this year on the github and the issue for this problem was re-opened 2 days ago. just thought you might want to know.