Is possible have whiteboard

Is possible?

can help me?

Not easily…

What would probably work is to install Etherpad with Etherdraw as a plugin ( ) and link that to Nextcloud via the Ownpad app. Edit: ehh… that seems to be standalone… but I think there is also a Etherpad plugin for it.

There might also be some other Whiteboard web-applications that could be iframed with the External Pages app.

i have nexcloud 12 installed, how can use external pages app, do u have documentation or video about it?

It is in the app store and can be configured in the admin menu. But I doubt you will find a suitable external whiteboard system that plays along with Nextcloud easily., may be this will possible integrate to nexcloud?

There is this app that is unmaintained at the moment:

It provides a simple whiteboard drawing app, but I don’t know if it is still working with Nextcloud.

Canvas Designer looks awesome, but somebody would have to write a Nextcloud app for that to integrate it well…

How can test if is working in recent release of nexcloud?

Well, you can try to unpack the release from here into the /app directory of your Nextcloud installation:

Then you would have to edit the info.xml file in /appinfo folder to allow activation in a newer Nextcloud release in this line:

<nextcloud min-version="11" max-version="12" />

Is not working, can u help me to work?
Stay alert

Well, do you have any errors showing up in the logfile regarding the app?

Pls help me with path and file of that logfile
Stay alert

Well it should be named nextcloud.log and be located in the /data folder.

I don’t found a good solution as well, so I wrote my own whiteboard:

You can take a look at the “Nextcloud integration” part if you want :slight_smile:


That looks awesome!
Do you still plan to integrate opening images from and saving resulting whiteboards to Nextcloud?

Maybe at some point. Probably not in the near future… Nextcloud app dev is a little bit pain IMO^^

New app:

Although cooler would be with Excalidraw:


Came here because I was looking for a whiteboard app for Nextcloud.

Current Whiteboard App is good but I cannot insert pictures/pdfs — can do that - but not integrated into nextcloud yet :wink:

When I want to collaboratively annotate pdfs I use
For general whiteboarding this is good
Also, this is plain awesome it can do all sorts of things and seems to be based on geogebra, so a lot of graphing/calculation is possible right there