Is website down or expired? 2022/06/05

:slight_smile: Is the website down or expired?
Is there another “official” source for a pi-image?

Thank you!

seems to be down for some time as well as

source is at GitHub - nextcloud/nextcloudpi: 📦 Build code for NextcloudPi: Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Rock64, Docker, curl installer...

Thank you, seems like I will have to learn more than I was looking for…

I don’t on a rpi but

install debian

and run

curl -sSL | bash

doesn’t seem too hard

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THX again, if I fail via SSH I’ll buy a micro-hdmi-cable and do so.

The torrent for the RPi image is still active (27 peers). I even have the *.torrent file if someone needs it.

I just got my torrent online again and keep it for the evening.

My torrent is running 24/7 with all ncp images.
So it should be possible to get the images


Hi, where do I find the torrent files\magnet links?


This one should work.
Unfortunately the upload of torrent files is not allowed.


Thanks to those seeding - once my client found one, the download completed remarkably quickly. I left my torrent online for a few hours after that.
I’ve deleted my comment asserting that registration of had expired. (I see conflicting information online, but at least one now says the expiry is jan 2023, instead of the Jan 2022 date that I saw before.) I’m pleased to see indications that is also registered through to May 2023.
I hope that is available again soon …
In the meantime, there’s always the internet archive (it has snapshots as recently as March 2022).

my share for those who need it

RPi 03-02-2022

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It’s available again (automatically indexing the articles from NextcloudPi Documentation - Nextcloud community )

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Great - and thanks for helping with ncp doc!

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