Is OnlyOffice working with Nextcloud 13.0.1?

I upgraded to 13.0.1 and the upgrade installation was smooth (as usual). Onlyoffice was disabled (as a 3rd party app) and now that I enabled it back, I am getting an "Error when trying to connect (Bad Request or timeout error) with the same settings I had with 13.0 (AFAIK), which if I remember correctly consisted only of the Document Editing Service address (that works) and the secret key (no other advanced server settings).

Is it working for you?


Yes, it is working for me with NC 13.0.1.
Could you post your web server config, web server log and nextcloud log, please? Maybe we can help.

I am not sure what is required by “web server config and log”. Nextcloud is running on apache service, do you want my apache config and logs?

As for the nextcloud log, perhaps this may be interesting:

Info onlyoffice Set opening in a same tab: true 2018-03-21T20:10:48+0100
Info onlyoffice Set default formats: {“docx”:“true”,“xlsx”:“true”,“pptx”:“true”,“ppsx”:“true”,“txt”:“false”,“csv”:“true”} 2018-03-21T20:10:48+0100
Error onlyoffice CommandRequest on check error: Bad Request or timeout error 2018-03-21T20:10:48+0100
Error PHP file_get_contents( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found at /var/www/htdocs/nextcloud/apps/onlyoffice/lib/documentservice.php#351 2018-03-21T20:10:48+0100**
Info onlyoffice Set secret key 2018-03-21T20:10:48+0100
Info onlyoffice SetStorageUrl: 2018-03-21T20:10:48+0100
Info onlyoffice SetDocumentServerInternalUrl: 2018-03-21T20:10:48+0100
Info onlyoffice SetDocumentServerUrl: 2018-03-21T20:10:48+0100
Info admin_audit File accessed: “/onlyoffice.docx” 2018-03-21T20:10:18+0100

I censored my real URL and it is represented as here. My Only Office Document Server is accessible from and my nextcloud server is accessible from Both servers are routed via another nginx reverse proxy server. I have 3 servers in all.

Ok I solved, and it was entirely my fault.
I had been struggling to set up a mail server and I had messed up my /etc/hosts local DNS file on the nextcloud server.
Thanks to Schmu who spurred me to dig deeper.

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