Is OnlyOffice Docker Image limited to a max. Users working together?

I have a Nextcloud with a only office docker image. Is the software limited to a max user number that working at the same time?


as far as i know: yes.
i think there was a discussion why… and how many users… so i think i remember someone put out it’s limited to 20 sessions. (1 open file = 1 session) - but please don’t kill me if that number is wrong.

Yes it is.

Ok 20 files at the same time, what about lets say 20 Users working on one file is that also the max scenario?

would be 20 sessions as well, right?

I think it’s more 10 different openned doc at the same time and max 20 users/sessions at the same time.
It’s the limitation of collabora office. Onlyoffice use the same normally