Is nextclouds gallery/photos masnory layout coming back?

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The grid layout for pictures is not nearly as visual pleasing than the original masonry layout, why was that changed and is there a way to get back the original layout?

I have several ownclouds runnig and recently decided to switch to nextcloud. The way of organizing photos is quite unintuitve given the fact that groupfolders are ignored but thats not the point, the point is, that I can no longer share a folder with the masonry layout but have to use the gridlayout instead, which is imho visually unpleasing espeacially compared to the original layout.
Was that keyfeature really removed and if so are there any plans to bring that feature back as a third viewoption in every folder and not only the photos app?

I read many github issues and forum requests but since NC 18 I havent found any updates on this topic.

To make sure we are talking about the same masonry layout, that ist what I meant