Is NextCloudPi_RPi_11-27-20 a corrupt archive?

I have problems with the current version
I cant extract the archive and flashing it directly with etcher wont work either.
I am using Windows 10 and BelenaEtcher to flash. But I had also Problems trying to extract the archive with Winrar or 7zip.

What did you use to download?
Did you check md5sum of the downloaded file?
It extracts fine on my machine (LinuxMint)
Can try again, using the torrent, it does the md5sum checking for you.
Hundreds of users have been using it without reporting issues.

I used the download option in my browser (firefox Win10) since the company policy doesn’t allow torrent.

Suggest remove corrupt file and try again.
Check md5sum when download is complete.

I did that, but the checksum doesn’t match with the one provided in the download page

I downloaded the archive file as well to see if there were any issues and did a check on it and could find no problems with the checksum on my end.

This is the same version I used to install my currently running NCP instance a couple months back also, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the archive file on the download page

NCP MD5 Checksum

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