Is Nextcloud integrated in development of "Niedersachsens Bildungscloud"? (Lower Saxony's Educational Cloud)

Dear all,

I’m working in a school and we are diskussion which cloud solution could be installed in our school. I prefer nextcloud but some colleages are doubtful.
In niedersachsen there is at present a project of “Niedersachsens Bildungscloud” and some of my colleagues would like to use a cloud which also try to create an interface to this Cloud.
In my opinion the develepment is uncertain. But I would like to ask whether nextcloud is maybe integrated in any way at this development ?

A first overview could be:

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edit: I’m not quite sure in which category I should post my question, so I hope it is right here.

I am afraid to tell you that my first impression of this “Cloud” is negative. You should take a peek on this chart by yourself and guess why:

Just another worst-case example. No need to say how poor the Ratings on Mozilla Observatory and SSL Labs Online Scanners (poor Diffie-Hellman (DH) ciphers e.g.) are.

This is not state of the art and I woundn’t support or use it either.

i just don’t understand why they are always trying to re-invent the wheel as there are already solutions (even free of cost for education purposes) which would more or less do what they just want to create. have they tried of UCS, e.g.?

and hell… if you are afraid of the whole solution of Niedersachsen Bildungscloud you’d better contact the Kultusministerium or the mentioned club.

on a sidenote to that: i have learned that other schools (in Germany) are already using nextcloud (some of which even thought of if it would be a good idea of installing the chat- and/or talk-app). a.f.a.i.k NC works greatly together with existing ldap-envorinments.

NB: i just edited the title and put this thread under “installation” … for me it’s fitting better than “hosting providers”

There was an documentation in german TV recently. How strong Microsoft is tied with lobby groups in EU and local govs.

IMHO any closed-source software should be banned in public infrastructure and esp. when used in Education. There are good examples in Italy, France and Switzerland. Germany is one of the usual suspects, blocking every innovation and development.

even worse… look at munich… and how they switched to open source… and now they’re going back to closed source-stuff