Is article about Collabora Online is true?

We’re forced to host our own Office and Cloud, because we couldn’t pay with $10 per user for G Suite (In Asia, that’s expensive especially for a new company. We’ve an alternative of free VPS and we took it).

500 GB of Disk and 8 GB of RAM for Zimbra OSE.
500 GB of Disk and 8 GB of RAM for Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE Document Server.

Is the TCO of Collabora Online higher than ONLYOFFICE Document Server and even G Suite? I heard Collabora Online puts the server-side on a heavy toll.

We’ve put on mind that 20 connections at a time will be editing a document / documens.

@jospoortvliet Can you help here?

That article is since 2017 and some stuff has happened along the way since the people at onlyoffice wrote it. There are still two major differences between the collabora and onlyoffice.

Collabora does the rendering server side that makes it heavier on that side. But it behaves better on slow connections and is easy on the client.

onlyoffice renders on the client with javascript. That makes it client heavy so uses ram on the clients computer.

According to my own tests you might need more ram that 8GB for Collabora online when you will have 20 concurrent users.

My own preference is Collabora. Since i like the server side rendering. It made it a bit more snappier on the client when i use clients that are low on ram. And i did not like the fact that onlyoffice has its own document store. And the connection to it seemed to copy the document to its own store and then edit on it. Instead of open it directly that collabora does.

But we are comparing two candidates that are quite equal. So its down to personal choice here. The benefit is that you can download both docker images and try them out and see what you like.

I started to read the above mentioned article but very soon (“The most significant is a (very) bad compatibility with Microsoft formats.”) I stopped. The mentioned sentence is in so far true, that you can’t catch the usual ‘virus’ which come so often with Microsoft native document format. Apart from that libreoffice is highly compatible with the Microsoft format. I personally never ran into any problem and I’am a “high end user”.

Document store is a bit of a turn off for me too. I am worried about the potential security.