Is loading the apps really slow for anyone else after upgrade to 11.01?

ubuntu 16.04 server
Nextcloud 11.01 (upgrade from 11.0)

Well the title pretty much says it all. After I upgraded I noticed that loading the apps is really slow. Even going out and going in it doesnt go any faster.

Anyone else getting this? or is this not normal?

After updating from 9 to 11, loading certainly slowed down for me.

I’m running Debian (Raspbian) on a Raspberry Pi 3, so I wondered if its simply the level of processing power required.

Running on Nginx.

hmmm thats interesting. I am not sure what has changed. But there are a few things that have slowed down for me

i highly recommend to use a memcache

try running a redis memcache server or any other cache method for your owncloud instance.