Is ITags only for Favorites?

Hello there,

I was trying to fetch Tags of a given File, and was taking inspiration of app/files/lib/Helper.php and app/files/lib/Service/TagsService.php.

Those two use ITags, and I was thinking : It gonna return info about favorites (which is a special tag) and other Tags. But I could’nt find those other Tags.

Then I saw the SystemTags (thanks to @tcit) section of OCP which seem to be the API for “File tagging”. Therefore, we were wondering if ITags are still use for something else than Favorites ? (And if I have to expect some other tags than ITags::Favorite from it)

Hey Aeredren,

I think ITags is only for DAV tags e.g. set via webdav, which are indeed distinct from the collaborative tags that are accessible via the files UI.