Is it safe to install php8.1-imagick on NCP version 1.51.0?

Installing php-imagick on a previous version of NCP broke the installation due to an issue with the php-json package. Is it safe to install php-8.1-imagick to satisfy the warning on the web user interface?

If you want to install the imagick package only to satisfy the warning, don’t do it.
The imagick package has itself some safety flaws and is therefore not installed by default with ncp.

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Thanks for your reply! Good to know about the security concern with this package :slight_smile:. I will not install it.

What would be the best procedure to remove imagick once it has been installed?

I found the following:


I suppose you could do sudo apt remove --purge php8.1-imagick. Anyone is free to correct me if I’m wrong

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