Is it possible to use elasticsearch from another server?

Hi @Cult do you know if it is possible to connect elastic search from another server to the nextcloud server as if it was a mysql/postgres db?

So far the fts app seems to look for elasticsearch or the port on localhost not sure , because it won’t enable set the URL with the credentials for the other server.



yes you can, you can also enter a list of hosts separated by , in the settings admin page.

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Hmmm, maybe I’m missing something.

This nc instance has no elasticsearch itself, I’m trying to connect to a another server hosting elasticsearch with readonlyrest.
But I can’t pass from here,

Any idea what am I missing?

The fulltextsearch_elasticsearch app !

Please refer to documentation to perform your installation :-]

Do you mean this?

Nope, he is referring to this, this and this.

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Thanks @Starfish
But I mean the documentation where it talks about connecting to external ES instances.

Finally it was a dump mistake from my part, and it wasn’t hard at all.
Thanks again.

And which documentation did you mean?? please provide a link