Is it possible to share the answers of a form?

I want to allow some colleagues to see the answers of a specific form. When I share the link, the receiving person can only fill the form, not see the answers.
Is there another possibility to share the answers?


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Hallo Klaus,

currently this is not possible as you would like. There is already an issue on Github, however it might still take quite a while to get this in.

For now, one workaround that I see, is either to manually (&regularly) export the results as CSV into a shared folder, where your colleagues can use it.
Or another workaround would be to have a separate, shared nc-account that owns the form. That would probably be the easiest way, but I can also clearly understand, if such an account is not desired.

Greets :slight_smile:


Hi @jotoeri,

Is it possible to export individual response as a pdf instead of all the responses together in one csv?

Thanks and Regards,

Nope, there just is an issue somewhere for that…