Is it possible to restore data directory from a full synchronized client

I had a severe crash on a RAID5 system what I am trying to recover. But it will take some time and I am l not even sure to get my data back.

I have an nextcloud instance with data area pointing (through a link) on this safe (I thought :frowning: ) place.
Now I have lost these data on server side, but I have a full set of data on a client that was sync before the crash occur.

So I have all the files I need and lost nothing, but I would like to push them onto the server again.
Database on server side is ok and safe.

I have stopped http on the server side, and stopped nextcoud client SW on the client machine.
Then I created a new place for data with an old server side archive I have.
Then I have started http again and checked nextcloud is happy with that : from the web interface I was able to find old documents.
But I kept client stopped at this stage.

When I start the nextcloud client, it does not detect the files that should be pushed to server as they are missing on the server side.
It is showing all is ok, except that on the server side I can check no new document were pushed by client.
I guess this is because in the database, these files are listed in tables and nextcloud does not detect that files themselves are not there.

Maybe I am asking something trivial, I tried to have a look to backup & restore procedures, but I was not able to figure out how to tackle that.

My question is: Is there a way to force nextcloud client to push all files as it has it, to the server?

Thxs for your help,

before you proceed please keep an many copies of your existing state as you can afford!

Client and server keep track of their files and until they recognize files on the storage changed they don’t send files to each other…

If you change server storage using some unsupported way (e-g add or remove files from the storage using server OS file system) you need to perform occ files:scan.

Other way round if you have your server up to date but want to enforce “full sync” you need to remove local client databases (.sync_<random_string>.db +…db-shm + …db-wal).

As you state your server crashed I would try to recover the server first (restore/snapshot etc…) to latest known good state. After you have reached the best state you can try to remove the client DBs and run the sync while closely looking on the logs and activity on the server - see if unexpected files deletions happen… then you should be safe.

there are different other ways you could add the files into your server storage - best option depends on what happened and nobody can tell you best recovery strategy in such community forum. Always the same recommendation - backup often, test recovery, this is the only way you can keep you data safe.

Hello @wwe
Thxs for your answer.
As you proposed, I as able to save several full synced clients side instances, si I did not lose any files.
The only lost I had is the history, let’s say old releases of some files that were edited/changed during their life.
This is a minor lost and this is because I used Nextcloud that all files were saved.
As a lesson learned, I will take care to run regular backups of data area.
Thxs agains

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