Is it possible to move password-entries to a different directory within passwords?

hey forum,

i just discovered that my server now features passwords-app and so I installed it (NC 13.0.7)… and after having needed to enable certain exceptions for my server in ff (63.0.1/win 7 pro (64) it works great.

but somehow i can’t find any option to move a “automatic” transferred password ("if you want to store your password click here) to the “root”-directory of passwords to a special (sub)folder.

is this possible?

hope to get wiser with your help, gals and guys :slight_smile:
thanks in advance

I’m not sure if i understand you correctly.
Usually you should be able to just drag-and-drop the password into the folder.
However as of writing this, it is not possible to have the passwords created in a sub-folder. These browser extension will always create the password in the root folder.

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thats the solution i was looking for! very cool! thank you!

I’ve been looking for a solution to a similar problem. However I already know drag and drop works. The problem I have is, how to I move a password out of a folder it is in, into a parent or sibling? Because drag and drop does not seem to work in this case. I seem only to be able to drag and drop into child folders. (Nextcloud v15 passwords v2019.8.1)

Drag and drop should also work if you drag it in one of the folders in the breadcrumb. (the menu at the top)

Ok, trying again, that does seem to work. (I had tried and it didn’t seem to - perhaps I was dropping in the wrong place.)