Is it possible to get Nautilus integration working in Ubuntu with AppImage Nextcloud Client?

In Ubuntu 20.04’s .deb repos, there’s a package called nautilus-nextcloud which gives really helpful integration with Nautilus, Gnome’s file manager app.

However, that package depends on an old version of the desktop client. I’m using an up-to-date AppImage for the client.

Is it possible to get the nautilus integration working with the AppImage?


EDIT: Nautilus integration is not part of the problem I’m having with the appimage, but I am still interested in the answer to this question.

I’m wondering the same thing

It looks like the nautilus-nextcloud package has different versions for different versions of Ubuntu. 20.04 (focal) gets 2.6.2, Jammy gets 3.4.2, kinetic gets 3.6.0, and lunar gets 3.6.4.

I’m on Jammy, so I guess this is the trade off I get for using a 1+ year old operating system, I get 1+ year old version of nautilus-nextcloud. Its tradeoff between stability vs newness.