Is it possible to disable webdav access (browser only access)?


I’m considering using Nextcloud for a small association (documents, photos etc). Is it possible to disable webdav access? - it should only be possible to access the data through the browser - not by phone apps etc.

I think you need to block access to URL …/remote.php/dav/ within nginx or apache.
There are some file hacks but manually editing the php code is just a good idea until the next update comes…

Nevertheless the nextcloud webfrontend will be accessible from mobile browser.

If you’re on nginx this could be a good start. Not for nextcloud but similar requirement:

Thanks for your answers.

It would be nice if there was an option in the settings to disable it (and the mention about webdav and phone apps)

Webservice like photo app also uses “remote.php”.

Something like that should work:

location = /remote.php/dav {
        deny all;

Sorry. I think it breaks webbased nextcloud

Why remote.php (WebDAV) for first picture in picture-folder