Is it possible to disable the new UI (new main window alike popup)?


I am using Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS and got Nextcloud client updated to 3.1 some times ago.

First, it only was kind of irritating to use this new window alike popup thing that is called “main window”. But over the times it turns out that it is not viable and does not work well.

Question therefore: is there a way to switch back to the old behaviour where the activities were included into the settings window?

Problems with the new UI thing:

  • Impractical to close it: there is no close button, I have to search a free area somewhere to click, which automatically closes this thing (this sounds easy, but it isn’t always that easy, e. g. when the UI thing covers the area I want to reach - which often is the case at it is the browser address bar and tab area that is covered)
  • It is too small: this was a deficite of the old activities display as well, but in this new popup thing it got worse at it isn’t scalable. I don’t know if it is unusual that I seem to have longer paths than others, but it is a mess for me to read the activities (it is even worse in the mouse tooltip popup)
  • It doesn’t work well: sometimes it simply does not appear
  • It is obtrusive: since some days it starts in the middle of my screen when logging in on top of all other windows … and there is no way to close it or move it or do anything with it … except ignore it and click somewhere else (but then it hangs around in the applications bar, which is disturbing me)

But please note that I don’t want to discuss these problems. I just noted them, because of otherwise there would have been questions on them. I am convinced that the developers will improve the new UI so that these bugs will be solved in future. I just am asking for an alternative user experience for me in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help!