Is it possible to customize or suppress the "disk almost full" warning?

My NC 22 appliance has recently started to warn me (in German) that my disk is almost full. The warnings stack up in the user interface and are a bit of a nuisance.


Is it possible to adjust the warning threshold or to completely suppress these messages? I have a large disk and 96% usage means I still have lots of gigabytes available.

There was a pull request with some discussions about it:

Thanks! Even though it does not seem that this PR would possibly be merged, it taught me that the disk usage warning is hard-coded in apps/files/js/files.js (lines 153+ in the current version). I “solved” my problem for now by inserting a simple return;.

(Still I think that a usage warning based on a fixed percentage is not ideal, one would have to look at the absolute amount of storage space left, which in my case is several gigabytes, and maybe the rate of growth should be taken into account also. The server monitoring tool Netdata is an example that this is possible, it warns me that I will run into problems if my disk usage continues to increase at the current rate.)

Well you found the part in the code. You could change the conditions that if the storage is used for more than 90% and less than xx GB are available, there is a message. The default storage was 10 GB, so the warning for less than 10% free space would correspond to 1 GB remaining free space.

Or some other dependency, square root (sqrt(x)/3.16): 10 GB storage → 1 GB warning, 100 GB → 3.2 GB, 1000 GB → 10 GB?

That is much more complicated, you need to keep a history etc.