Is it possible to convert a folder into a Group Folder

I have an admin account that created a folder called Campaigns and shared it with a Staff group.

But now I’d like to make it a Group Folder so I can use ACLs on sub folders.

I don’t want to make a new Group Folder and then move all the files because I fear this will mess up people’s desktop sync apps.

Is it possible to convert a normal folder into a Group folder?


You will have to create a groupfolder first and then move the content. No other way.

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Thanks for clear answer!

The reason is litteraly that personal folders are stored under the path of the specific user, where groupfolders are stored under a generic path.

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And if I want to move files into the new group folder, can I do this from the server:

cd /var/nextcloud/data/__groupfolders/1/
mv ../../someuser/somedir/* ./
oc files:scan # is there an equivalent?

Because I have many GB of data in the existing folder and I think doing this through the UI is likely to cause problems.


occ groupfolders:scan 1

But you have to run

occ files:scan -p someuser/somedir/


occ files:scan someuser

as well, to remove the files from the filecache on that (old) location.

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Thanks so much @ernolf ! Very helpful.