Is it possible to block "View as..." functionnality for an admin


I’ve installed a NextCloud server in order to manage files between several companies that will work together in the near future.
As some confidentials informations will be stores and shared, and as I add some problems in the past with IT admins who accessed to confidential data, I’m asking myself this question…is it possible to block the “View as…” functionnality that allows an IT admin to be as another use loggued?

Thanks in advance for you help,



Hi @LetKab

I’m not sure what you’re referring to? Do you mean the Imersonate app?

If so, you can either uninstall it or you can limit which users/groups can use impersonation in Administration settings > Additional settings.

Yes you’re right, I’ve seen Imersonate has been installed by default…

Uninstall the app.