Is it possible to attach several files to a Deck card all together?

We have a workflow where we generate some files on a folder and after the work is done we attach some files to a corresponding Deck card as a summary or deliverables. Currently is kind of cumbersome because we can only attach one at a time and each time we have to navigate all the folders from the root one. We could upload the files as new ones, but that end up messy and hard to track changes.

Has anyone a similar flow? how are you doing it?

Thank you!

Yes I see the problem. Would be nice to be able to use Shift or Ctrl or whatever…
Maybe on the Deck card you could just provide a link to the folder, and maybe have a naming convention for the deliverables?
You can either provide a standard url in the description of the card or “attach” the folder itself instead of individual files.
An option would be to put your deliverables in a sub-folder and attach just that subfolder?

I agree, that wouldn’t do at all :roll_eyes: