Is it possible for nextcloud to be made as a flatpak install

hi is it possible for nextcloud to be made as a flatpak install

there is nothing i would like to have a nextcloud server with all my own data

but everytime i try looking into this my eyes glace over with all the IT stuff

i just tried using doing the docker AIO install but it fails to find the packages or something
so im stuck again

so in the future is it possible to have a one click install like a flatpak and it just works

i exspect its not possible sigh:(


Little off topic but for people who wants a functional and fully featured self-managed version, there is Snap version.

Snap is literarily matter of 3 commands to install and it is self-contained and self-managed, meaning, it comes with all the dependencies, and it updates itself autometically.

Highly reliable option for people who just wants a plug n play solution as an end user.

How to install Snap NextCloud?

Step 1 (OS Install, VM or Physical)

  1. Install Ubuntu Server 22 LTS (with SSH and nothing else)
  2. Update the installation with following command, sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y

Step 2

Install NextCloud Snap with just three commands,

  1. sudo snap install nextcloud
  2. sudo nextcloud.manual-install username password Replace the user name & password with your own.
  3. sudo nextcloud.occ config:system:set trusted_domains 1 --value= (Replace the IP with your local nextcloud machine IP)


You can now access nextcloud via that IP address using any browser and device on that network.

Unless you are performing any maintenance to the OS or Server, for nextcloud, you don’t need to touch it. When a stable version is released, snap will auto update itself. You can just keep on using the setup !!


If you want to troubleshoot that, some specific info would be needed.

No, there is some “IT stuff” necessary for the system to work no matter how it’s installed. You will need to have at least a baseline working knowledge in several subjects to install and maintain a platform like this.

I don’t agree with the advice of just pointing you toward an improperly done snap installation because you will invariably run into other problems with it or go back and do steps that were skipped in haste to enable features you expected to be working out of the box. Better to learn and do it right in my opinion.

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Oh yes that’s right how could I forget that

Thank you for your answer

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I agree with you because i have tried before to do it and failed hard

I wouldn’t recommend use of snap package if you plan to add more apps to your nextcloud since it seems that python that is used is outdated and some addons dont work properly.
On the other hand snaps make it extremely easy to setup https nextcloud instance