Is it possible automatically making folder by photo modified date?

Is there any function of nextcloud to make folder by photo modified date?

ex) If 5 photo files have different modified date such as
first two files date 01.02.2022 and 01.11.2022
next file date 02.07.2022,
next files date 04.22.2022 and 04.24.2022 on my cellular phone.

If syncing, there are three folders on nextcloud server just like
012022 for first two files
and 1 folder just like 022022 for next file
and the other folder just like 02042022 for last two files.

And if a files such as 01. 25.2022 added to cellular phone, that file will be automatically uploaded to 012022 folder on nextcloud server.

So many photos on my cellular phone, but no time to categorize that.

I think it is not possible. But the photo app sorts pictures by date.

I think for sorting you do not really need the day. Perhaps you can create folders with the months e.g.


Also you can perhaps add in the folder title the name of your activities:

2022-01 - happy new year party

I think you must upload in an upload folder and sort in Nextcloud afterwards.

Auto-upload feature of mobile app offers you to create sub-folders for year and month - but not as one folder but like

  • 2021
    • 02
      • files from Feb
    • 04
      • files from Apr

which might be good for you as well.