Is it okay if i ask for help?

Last time i made a post i was attacked and then further punished for being attack and this is my first post since then so not sure if i am allowed

Keep getting an open resty error and to resolve it i reboot and that makes it work. But its annoying and i like to fix whats going on.

Then i was doing backups using duplicatai using the webdav and after a month the backups kept saying server locked. This was a next cloud issue and i made a second location and set that as backup destination and its been working. Any idea what or how it was locked preventing the job to work?


Everybody who is polite and motivated is welcome in this forum. the rule of thumb is: this is not a paid support service but community driven help forum - users expect you to provide enough information’s e.g. log files and system configs so more experienced user might do at least an educated guess or point you into right direction for troubleshooting.

You current post is pretty confusing (at least me) can’t get the point what issue you are facing and what you try to achieve. If you see multiple issue don’t mix them into one post - either post them in different posts or post them one by one starting with the most urgent so maybe one fix resolves subsequent errors as well.

Please try to describe the issue in a way somebody who has absolutely no idea about your hardware, software and user setup can understand the problem - this is the most basic requirement to start fixing a problem.


i go to my domain that has nextcloud. I get a white screen with an error that says open resty. I reboot the machine and when it comes back it works fine for a bit then at some point I will see that open resty error again.

I am trying to do a backup to a directory on nextcloud using the webdav protocol. This worked for a bit until I kept see backup failed, server locked. I asked duplicati and they said def a next cloud. So to troubleshoot I made another directory and another backup using webdav like originally and thus so far the backups have been working. Any idea what happened with the original locale being locked? Or even what that means?

Ryzen 7 with radeon 580 and 16GB with a 1TB m.2
NGINX proxy
godaddy domain

Let me know if anything elks is required.

Thanks wwe

Perhaps you can post more details e.g. logs and system information. Keep in mind that we can solve your problem only with your information. You can also post screenshots or cut-and-paste infos to pastebin-services.

With this kind of difuse behavior, it may be that the memory is faulty or the hard disk is full.