Is is POSSIBLE to install nextcloud on a rented server

Good evening from Japan
Unfortunately, I am NOT a computer specialist and as such do NOT understand most of the material I found on this site.
Attemps to get in contact with the German company that made this software were unsuccessful.

I have a website for 23 years and moved it in January to a Japanese server.
That hosting service offered ownCloud as a free service, but now informed users to look for something else.
Current version: 10.7.0

Question: is it possible for ordinary mortal men without advanced computer skills to install - or migrate to - on a rented server (400 GB space)?
Preferably with “a few clicks”. I tried to read the instructions about migration or installation,
but do not really understand what they are saying and therefore probably could not successfully run those long lists of Linux commands.

So, IS there a trick that would enable someone like me to run “nextcloud at home”?

Sorry for the uneducated question.

1.) There are still hoster who offers ownCloud Hosting / Manged ownCloud . I think it is possible to migrate the old ownCloud to another hoster. Maybe you must pay for the migration, too.

2.) There are a lot of Managed Nextcloud in the Internet. If it’s mainly about storing files with few users, migrating/copy from ownCloud to Nextcloud is not difficult. However, with these simple instructions, all shares are lost and must be recreated. Video
advantage: You can migrate/copy without deleting the old ownCloud
(you can test it with two free accounts e.g. at

3.) Yes you can also host Nextcloud at home. You can buy something like a Nextcloud box or install it on your own. But you need knowledge especially in case of error.

Possibly. It really depends on the hosted system, what it has installed, what level of access you have to it, etc…

No. Not using the manual installation that is usually necessary on hosted systems.

If you have root access, you could install docker and run Nextcloud AIO. It would be greatly simplified.

Please understand that a certain amount of maintenance and troubleshooting will be necessary over time, even if you get the system installed successfully. Nothing in this world is free of maintenance. You will have to be the system administrator.

That being said, you should look at Nextcloud AIO, or one of the other pre-built options (docker, snap) if it’s possible for you to run those.


Thank you for your answer.
If I understand that correctly, nextcloud is not meant for ordinary people.
Actually I read about hosting services that provide a managed nextcloud or setting up nextcloud on my own server at home. That would cost additional money, while I have already paid for 400 GB rental space.
So, I will quietely give up the idea of using nextcloud and not bother the gentle people of this forum.
Sorry for the inconvenience

That’s quite the takeaway…


There are multiple ways of installing nextcloud & for mortal men, there is nextcloud snap.

You need to share few more information about your server.

  1. Do you have SSH access to it
  2. Do you have root access to the server
  3. What is the OS of that server

From there one can proceed accordingly.


I think you have to differentiate:

Normal users:
Normal users should get a Nextcloud account or a Managed Nextcloud where others take care of the updates. This is similar to managed WordPress installations where the hoster also takes care of WordPress but not the content.

IT Interested:
Many IT enthusiasts have “learned” Windows over decades. Anyone who now believes that they can quickly set up a web server with database and Nextcloud under Linux according to a manual will probably come to the end of their tether at the latest with problems with the Nextcloud. There are enough posts here in the forum, which show this exactly.

Nextcloud “Pro”:
Who is willing to learn Linux and also how to install a web server with database and Nextcloud, backupt and also sometimes performs a restore, is on the best way to safely run your own Nextcloud at home or on the Internet.

For home there are some ready Nextcloud systems like Devices - Nextcloud . You have to assess for yourself in which of the categories you put it between simple and complicated. But it usually only becomes complicated in the event of an error anyway.

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ownCloud 10.7.0 was shipped March 2021 and is still supported. This is in my allocation Normal users with Managed Nextcloud / Managed ownCloud above. It can only be that your ownCloud is running inside the webspace somehow. There are also webspace providers you offers One-Click-Nextclouds, too.