Is End to End encryption out of beta?

Is End to End encryption out of beta testing and now for production? I don’t know how to check so I am asking, also I am running

E2E is out of Beta. Developers forget to update the E2E app website and cant update until the next upgrade of E2E

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Ok, so it is stable?

You can read this to be convince, someone ask in the commentaries why E2E app is still appearing as beta

Ok thank you!

I would not say so. At least not in my use case:
Sharing an encrypted folder between two users and across Windows+Android still does not work properly.

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How would I use E2EE?

Still trying to figure out how to make it actually work the way I want. Theoretically (as far as I understand):

  1. Make sure your Desktop client is at least v3
  2. As admin, install/enable the app called “End to End Encryption” on the web instance
  3. Disconnect your client from your account then reconnect it (it does not “see” the newly enabled “end-to-end encryption” otherwise.
  4. Create a new folder and keep it empty
  5. In the client, in the sync page, right click on the empty folder and select “Encrypt”.
  6. Then what you will put in the folder on your computer will be encrypted before being uploaded, and you will see it arriving encrypted from your web interface.

So it is only for the desktop client? Not the web

Actually, the whole point of the “end-to-end” encryption is to have your file always encrypted while circulating in Internet, including when stored in the cloud, so that even the storage provider can never access it. It is only decrypted on your devices, which are referred to as the “end” in the expression “end-to-end”

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Oh, that makes sense now!! Thank you!

That should all be correct. You shouldn’t have to disconnect the account, though, just restart the client so it sees the new E2E app on the server.

Other clients should, after you’ve set this up on the desktop client, ask you for the code you got from the desktop client (you can get it again whenever you restart the desktop client, btw) and then sync the folder, too.

If any of this does not work as it should - file a bug report with as many details as you have! Then we can fix it :wink:

EDIT: and the app store now also has the ‘it is alpha’ note removed -