Is anyone able to have a Nextcloud Calendar "subscribe" to a G00gle calendar in 2022?

Not sure which forum category this goes in, and I have tried searching online & in this forum with no success, so are Nextcloud Calendars able to be “subscribed” to in a G00gle calendar in 2022?

I’m slowly working on migrating all sub-organizations away from the g00g completely (& to 100% Nextcloud) but have been tasked with showing a proof-of-concept where my Nextcloud Calendar events “magically” show up in g00g’s crappy calendar (I apologize as I’m frustrated getting this working & failing at it). Can anyone please point me to any information, how-to, or provide any help? I really need to get this proof-of-concept working or the company keeps using evil g00gle… Thanks

Please check out the user documentation to understand how you subscribe to Google calendars (in read-only mode).