Is any way to place federated shared folder to some folder in target nc server?

Is any way to place shared folder to some folder in target nc server?

Most likely you’re looking for a function which is described in this feature request but haven’t been implemented yet.

This could by nice feature too, but I mean this situation:
I have one internal nc server with hundreds of subfolders. Some subfolder i want share by federation to another nc server, but not to root. I want this share insert to some exist folder.

Sorry for my bad english

Image for better understanding

You should be able to just move the shared folder on the target into “target folder”. Works fine here. What does not work is to move that shared folder to a target folder that itself already is shared (by the target nc) or to a group folder. But according to the icons (no symbol on “target folder”, a drag-n-drop should do the trick.

I’d be most interested in your experience with federation, though. I’ not able to set up a federation on two NC instances on ONE server – I get 504 errors, long delays and other stuff. This is on NGINX though. What exactly did you do to set it up? Are the remote servers “green” in admin settings→sharing?