Is ~10MB/s upload & download speed normal for NCP on a RPi4?

Nextcloud version :
NextcloudPI version: v1.38.5
Running on: Raspberry Pi 4, 2GB RAM
Installed on SSD instead of SD-Card, for performance and durability.
Overclocked to 2Ghz for performance

The issue I am facing: Upload & download speeds never exceed ~10 MB/s

I am running NCP on the Raspberry Pi 4 and it’s absolutely fantastic (!) , but for optimal use I would like a higher up & download speed. Right now I can’t seem to exceed ~10MB/s through the web interface even when connected by LAN, despite that there is a Gbit connection available. SMB connection is by comparison much faster and seems normal.

I searched the internet and found multiple users mentioning a similar speed, but I also found some reports of 20 MB/s. I even seem to remember speeds similar to that myself, in the beginning when I initially tested NCP. But currently, no matter what setting in NCP I try to adjust (swap, zram, php threads, etc.) I just can’t seem to get above 10MB/s. I did read some reports that ‘chunking’ might be a reason for slow speeds, as well as that the PHP version might make a difference, but it’s beyond my expertise to know if that plays a role.

Can anyone please confirm that I am getting normal performance for a RPi4, so I know that it is not a faulty config?

And if this is normal performance for the RPi4, which alternative SBC could I expect a higher throughput from, which is compatible with NCP? I’m willing to upgrade if I can boost the performance.

Thanks in advance!