iPhone photos not updated anymore after upgrade to iOS 14

I just noticed that after upgarding to iOS 14 photos in Nextcloud app are not auto-updated anymore, even if the option is set to green.

Anyone else is seeing this?

Never mind, I just found the new iOS 14 resets all the apps permissions, you need to re-authorize NC app to automatically upload the photos.

You’ll need also to manually upload all the photos missed since the iOS upgrade if you want save them in NC.


Which permissions do I need to re-enable? I just re-enabled Photos permission, but I still couldn’t find the settings for it.

Edit: never mind. I didn’t realize I had to scroll down

Hi! I just realized the same probleme. My fotos are not automatically uploaded to nextcloud anymore (IOS 14.01 / NC 3.0.11 / IPhone XS)
Can you tell where I have to re-autorize the NC app permissions? Is it within the NC app or in the IOS settings? Sorry I am really new in this stuff.