Iphone photo as live - issue to see the photo / preview

i accidentally make few photos as Live … and after upload to nexcloud i cant see photo / preview … when i click i can see a photo for 1 sec and then it got disappear and error below is shown… any idea? thanks

Is your Nextcloud running on 32Bit-Operating-System and are you on Nextcloud-Version 24.3 or below?
If yes, this is a known issue
(Remove 4GB file size workaround for 32bit OS / Stream Videos on IOS - see 3rdparty/CHANGELOG.md at 020d0d3892bd3b7296db8ed21448c834d33d5723 · nextcloud/3rdparty · GitHub
→ solved with update to 24.4

the file i want to open its photo as live - ie ~3mb file?
i am running on 64bit version
and its 24.0.3

hmmm any ideA?

upgraded to 24.0.4 still the same issue …