iPhone iOS Uploads Extremely Slow

Hi guys,

Here is the information regarding my setup:

NextCloud (latest version)
Ubuntu Server 16.04 (fully patched)

Using iPhone 7 Plus
iOS 10.2.1
Nextcloud App version 2.16 (00012)

The server is running on my local network, within that same VLAN of my wireless network that my phone uses.

I have enabled in the app:
“Automatic upload of camera images”

I am using all of the options - except for the “Use Subfolders” as I want them dumped into the same folder.
I am not using the default folder, I am using one I created in the root directory named “iPhone_Uploads”.

Photo uploads take hours to complete. I am talking about a single photo.
Files in size less than 2MB are taking seemingly hours and somehow have to be stuck.
I am unable to locate anything in the server logs to determine an issue or figure out why its so slow.

Can anyone advise me as to why this is so slow?
Is there any better way to configure my app or server to make this feature usable? Otherwise, it is kind of useless :frowning:


I’ve restarted the server and my phone for good measure…

I am now seeing this:
Sabre\DAV\Exception\BadRequest: HTTP/1.1 400 expected filesize 4462418 got 49152

I am seeing some threads around about this issue, perhaps springing from the auto-updater?
I’ll keep looking but any help appreciated.

Hi, do you have a problem with automatic upload photo or also with “manual” upload photo ?

Thanks for the response.

I am seeing the same behavior with a manual upload.
Go to upload a 1 MB image, progress bar gets to about 25% and hangs a very long time.

Meanwhile the fatal errors for webdav persist.

Hi beaver, have you found a solution? I have the same situation here with iOS 11.4.1, exactly as yours symptoms, one vlan, iPhone and stable NC instance, etc. Those occur only from iOS devices.


Hi, I have exact the same problem: IOS 12, IPhone 6 connected via WiFi. Upload of about 3600 pictures, between 20kb and 2 mb of size, takes days!!! Uploading the same amount of pictures on my computer is really faster. How can I speed up the iphone photo upload? Nextcloud 13.0.6 on Raspberry Pi 3.

Same here. The iOS client uploads ~20 photos in 1 hour.

Exactly the same issue.

I have the same behaviour with Next cloud 18. Looks like, it would be more within the client.
Self signed SSL ?