iOS Talk upload jpg is transformed to huge png

A 2MB jpg image is transformed into a 20MB png in the new iOS Talk v10 app. Why? I think it isn’t user friendly as it consumes too much resources.

Could you describe the action you did to create the jpg/png?

Take Photo on iPhone. Add photo in Nextcloud Talk conversation. Photo is uploaded and sent to the other party. Photo gets saved with random name (IMG_1234567890.png) as png image into /Talk folder by talk app. The png is ~10 times larger than the original jpg. The other party gets the png, not the jpg.

Hi @akr
There is going to be a bugfix release 10.0.1 soon.
In Talk v10.0.0 when you pick an image from the in-app image picker it converts it to png and then uploads it.
This has been change for v10.0.1. Now images will be converted to jpg. This also fixes an issue with the image orientation.
For now, I would recomend you to use the share option from the Photos app. This way the image will be uploaded without any conversion.

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Hope You All are well and sound.
I have a problem with uploading the image onto whatever chat using IOS talk app. Now it is looking like it’s uploading the image but than it is not showing in chat window nor none of the predefined folders in talk settings accepting any file. Now this does not work to none of the options if I would like to upload the image from IOS. Only doeas work if I will first upload file into, example Talk folder that is predefined in talk settings. Than I can choose option to share from the nextcloud repo, but this is a work around :frowning: I really do not know why this is happening. My OPcache options cannot be changed since these are global settings for php file, hosted on hosted server, not the stand alone one. I use 19.07 Next cloud and got latest release for talk app compatible with nextcloud 19.07 version.

Thank you for any support given.

Hello @Przemek_Przemek,

please don’t post in old (resolved) topics which are not related to you problem. This one is about converting jpg files to png on upload. Open a new topic with your problem instead. You might then want to check wether uploading in the talk web interface is possible or not and if there’re any error messages in the logfile.