Ios Sync - wrong addressbook


i use nextcloud 18.0.1 with with contacts 3.1.8. There I created an address book for myself and my son. My son’s address book is shared with me in nextcloud. When I create a new contact in the iPhone, it ends up in my son’s (shared) address book.

How can I change that new contacts entered in the iPhone end up in my address book?

Thank you!


That is a functional limit of iOS.
AFAIK you cannot move contacts between addressbooks.
There are apps in Apple App Store which can do that. You have to buy something to achieve your goals.

Have the same problem and move contacts in Nextcloud.

Thank you for your answer.

What Apps can move the addressbook?

Tank you!

I don’t understand your question?

I want to know, what apps can move contacts between addressbooks.

Thank you!

Didn’t try any of it.

Search the web like:

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