iOS Photo Upload results in 500 internal server error if Nextcloud is behind ha-proxy and h2 enabled


just debugged a nasty annoyance. I noticed that tons of photos/videos from my iPhone wer not uploaded to my Nextcloud instance. It remained on the phone and “500 internal server errors” were shown.

Of course I debugged body_size etc. but to my surprise those errors did not show up in nginx, nextcloud.log etc. (I am using the linuxserver docker image).

I am running nextcloud behind a ha-proxy on pfsense. Turns out that is the problem. With h2 enabled there seems to be a bug:

after disabling h2 on the haproxy frontend everything uploaded. The bug should be fixed with haproxy 2.9-dev11 but the current version on pfsense is dev2. So this seems to be consistent. Disable h2 for the time being and wait for dev11 to be available on pfsense.

Just thought I would let you guys know.