iOS photo upload not working?

For probably the last couple of weeks (can’t say for certain exactly when it started), auto photo upload to my Nextcloud 14.0.3 installation hasn’t been working from my iPhone (client version I’d see the badge notification number increase, but never decrease, even on launching the app (so not relying on background transfers).

The other day, I finally got around to poking around on this a bit. I went to the transfers page in the app, and saw that it said at the bottom of the screen, “Wi-Fi network required, N elements to upload”. This confused me, since I was already connected to my home wifi at the time. I then went into the auto-upload settings and disabled “only use wi-fi connection” for both photo and video uploads, but no change–the transfers page still says “Wi-Fi network required.”

Looks like the client app doesn’t recognize that it’s connected to wifi, even when it is. How can I track down why this is happening, and (more importantly) fix it?

Any thoughts?

Same problem here. But it seems to be that the Nextcloud client only uploads while active/open on the mobile device. As soon as you leave the app, nothing happens…

I’m not sure that is the same problem–in my case, it doesn’t upload at all. When I open the Nextcloud client and go More -> Transfers, I see a list of files it’s waiting to upload, and it says “Wi-Fi network required” at the bottom of the screen–even though I’m connected to one. Nothing’s trasferring whether the app is open or not.

It might (but shouldn’t) be relevant that I changed my home WiFi network name a few weeks back. I can’t say for sure that this is when the trouble started, but the timeframe is at least roughly right. In any case, I deleted and reinstalled the client on my phone, and now it’s working. So, problem solved? It looks like it, but a rather unsatisfying solution.