iOS Nextcloud data difficult to organize

Hi all,

I myself am an Android user, and for me the photo workflow is pretty clear and simple:

  • I create folders for each event/vacation/etc in my Nextcloud Photos folder. Doing this continuously is very little effort.
  • When the event or whatever has ended, I upload the corresponding pictures from within Nextcloud, selecting the option “Upload and move to Nextcloud” (or something, phone not accessible right now).
  • When I want to get rid of them on the phone right away, I choose “Upload and delete”.

Like this, the pictures are nicely organized in Nextcloud. On my phone, I can view them in Google Photos under albums, where every folder in Nextcloud containing pictures is listed as a separate album.

  • When I don’t need them on the phone anymore, I can just delete the album in Google photos, removing effectively the phone copy, but not touching the photos on the server.
  • I want an older album quickly accessible on my phone? I just download the correct folder in Nextcloud and an album is again created in Google photos.

Now my actual question: my wife owns an iPhone and with that the iOS Nextcloud app, where everything is very different compared to the Android version. As far as I can tell there is no such option Upload and move/delete.

So there is still the auto-upload option, but that one is horrible in iOS. Everything mixed together in one upload folder: photos, tons of crap people send via whatsapp, screenshots, downloads, etc. I guess this is just how Apple handles pictures, or data in general. Probably it should be easier? I don’t know, I never understood this : )

So my really final questions: how do you guys keep your iPhones in order? How do you bring the photos from the iPhone to your Nextcloud, without the hassle of uploading a few, remembering which ones, and then deleting in a second step?

Thanks already for your inputs and cheers