iOS Nextcloud App - "The Internet connection appears offline"

I have my own Nextcloud server running on our home network. HTTPS is enabled; I can access it just from my desktop and mobile browsers. However, when using the iOS Nextcloud app, I get this error when plugging in my URL and if I try to use a QR code:

“Connection error
The Internet connection appears to be offline”

I don’t allow any port forwarding from the external Internet, assuming I would just VPN into my home network if I wasn’t at home. Is that mode supported, assuming that’s what the issue is? Any other ideas are welcome! Thanks!

We had the same problem here, after the iPhone updated to a new OS version. The access to the nextwork was deactivated for the app.
Solution: Go to
Settings → Nextcloud → Allow Nextcloud to access: Local Network
→ Set to ON

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Turns out this fixed all my network problems, not just nextcloud, but matrix element and jellyfin too. Thanks!