iOS Nextcloud app log in with a device over NFC

Nextcloud Liquid for iOS @ 2021

Logging into Nextcloud through Safari and Chrome with a device over NFC works fine. However, the built-in browser for the Nextcloud App shows “Browser not supported” / “Passwordless authentication is not supported in your browser”.

Where can I find more information regarding this?

on desktop and/or mobile?

This app on iPhone 11 iOS 15.0.2:

For me this is just the normal Nextcloud ios app, why are you calling it Nextcloud liquid?

But my question was, if you can login via browser on your iPhone?

The name of the app is like that if you look in its settings.

Using web interface on Safari and Chrome works.

Logging into the app doesn’t work.

I found a few topics on the bug tracker regarding the 2FA and the new login flow that was introduced some time ago (if you use TOTP for example). That was all solved. However, there was nothing with NFC. Not sure if you want to use this permanently (e.g. each time you use the app, or on some other regular basis), or just that it can set up an app password.

The best is probably to create a feature request on the bug tracker: