IOS Mobile Compile and Deploy Question

Hoping someone here can assist me. I’m using some 3rd party developers to compile and rebrand the IOS mobile for our internal users so that it has our logo and such. They are able to accomplish this but when they attempt to redistribute this through our Apple Developer account things break (as they reported to me) I’m not a developer and thus have some issues understanding what they are trying to convey. However, they did provide a break down that I hope someone here can point us in the right direction on what to do?

In short here is what the developers provided to me:

Changing bundle identifier to build application under private company access, invalidate chain of other dependencies and some of them are used to make proper contact with server, so as a result application that use keys generated in provided apple account unable to upload/download files.

If we change bundle identifier that we should change to deploy our version:

We can’t use app group from github:

We can’t use keychain group from github:

We can’t use iCloud account from github:

If we put our bundle id then each of thing above should be changed and even if we change all of them to ours to be able to deploy this app as result it builds without any errors and starts, but download files recursively and doesn’t work properly.

Any thoughts on this?

It’s been about a month and no responses of any type, so I was wondering if nobody knows the answer or nobody understand the question.

I guess all I’m asking is why does it break when we try to redistribute it?



I’m having the exact same problem. How is people building this to their devices at all!? Please advice.

Maybe @ios can help?

Hi :slight_smile:

before compile please read :



I compile correctly this app for appstore.
@Remuz, @wclang
you can create on apple developer site the App IDs, App Groups, iCloud Containers your own IDs; Finnaly you create the provisionning profiles for iOS Distribution.

On Xcode change this your IDs on the targets in general options and capabilities options.

Better, you can disable the Automatically manage signing option. And review on the code of program if use explicity the old IDs of twsweb.