IOS IPhone APP - Connection Error - The Request Timed Out

Nextcloud version: 19.0.1
Operating system and version: FreeNAS-11.3-U3.2

Hello, I am new to Nexcloud and the whole NAS universe. So far I’ve been able to install and run both FreNAS and Nextcloud. Past few day I’ve been trying to setup the mobile IOS APP with absolutely no success. Attached is screenshot of what happens every time the credentials are filled in. Any help will be much appreciated, thank you in advance.

Can you open it in a web browser from your phone?

Hello Karl, Nope, nothing. I tried it on 3 different mobile browsers, on two of them it gave me results like, or findip-address but no NC GUI, and the last one gave me the; “Request Time Out”. Very similar to what happens with the mobile app.

What happens, if you try it with https?

Hello Mountain22, Done, the result is the same.

I appreciate all comments thus far.
I ask myself, is there a bug in the mobile app, I cant seem to find any information on whats happening or how to fix this problem, I’ve searched in the NC forum, NC troubleshooting or web-browsing, and the info. is scarcest to say the least.

Are you in your home-Wlan when trying to connect like this? Otherwise you would need to connect with a dyndns-service like ddnss etc.

It sounds like what you have is a network issue not necessarily related to Nextcloud. We can try to help but will need some more info.

Yes, I’m trying to access the mobile app through the my WLAN. As I said at the beginning of the topic I’m a rookie, but I’m looking forward to learning and understanding how this whole thing works. I need to do a some research on DYNDNS, and learn how it pertains to what I am trying to achieve. If you or anyone that reads this topic have any suggestions and can provide guidance, it will be much appreciated.
Thank you Mountain22.

Hey Karl, I wouldn’t doubt it’s a problem with how the network is setup. Tell me what information you need and I’ll do my best to provide you with the most accurate information I can.
Thank you in advance.

You’ve got the cart before the horse. Before you start working on NC, you need to know what DNS name you will be using to access it, how your DNS will be set up, etc… If you set it up to access over unencrypted HTTP directly to the local IP address now and try to change it later, it’s going to cause you a lot of problems.

Are you sure you have the right IP address? Can you ping it?