iOS / iPadOS video playback / preview


in my nextcloud app is "local caching“ disabled because I wont use local device storage for my “backup”.

Sometimes I want to access my backup (data) and I can access my photos without any problems but when it comes to videos (size: 2,7 MB or more) it just stays black and the loading bar is spinning and spinning …

Also the “preview” of the video is just black with a triangle in it.

I have tested it with the “live” NextCloud app ( and with the NextCloud beta app ( both same behaviour.

NextCloud Server 18.0.6 (NextCloudPi)

Device (client): iOS 13.5.1

Anyone has the same issue like me?

On Safari (iOS / iPadOS) it is also not working.

Nextcloud via Safari - Video:

NextCloud App - Video: