iOS Image Gallery App

Hi, i´d like to switch from Android to iOS and view all my nextcloud images in a gallery app on iOS.
Unfortunately the iOS Photos App can´t display the images without syncing them and i can´t find any gallery app that can connect to a cloud storage beside iCloud or Google.
Does anyone know a solution for this?


There is an open-source project called PhotoPrism. Offers excellent online gallery viewing experience along with advance features like what you may find in Google Photos.

PhotoPrism can import your library via WebDAV connection from nextcloud and it is easy to deploy via Docker.

Refer here → Browse Your Life in Pictures – PhotoPrism


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Thank you NaXal,
a very interesting project. I use a managed Nextcloud and to host photo prism on my own is not an option. I saw that it there is a managed photo prism as well, but this seems quite expensive. But your hint was still valuable since I try know to use the memories app in my browser. Not very convenient, but I hope there will be an alternative in the future.
Thanks again!